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Wildfire Damage in Local Home

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

patio burned from local fire Charred Outdoor Deck

Within very dry and high-temperature environments, natural disasters like Wildfires are becoming increasingly common, and pose a severe threat to surrounding areas and structures. One of the larger threats that can come from a wildfire is active embers, carried by the high winds, that almost always manage to reach surrounding areas, local homes, and structures.

During the Bobcat fire that occurred, SERVPRO of Lancaster received multiple calls for inspections and restoration services of impacted structures. This homeowner called for an inspection for fire damage caused by the near wildfire, as embers reached their home and managed to char their deck.

SERVPRO of Lancaster provides thorough inspections upon every visit.
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Structural Fire Damage in Residential Home

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

structural damage Garage fire in Ridgecrest, CA

In this event, this residential home experienced a severe fire loss which resulted in unsalvageable structural damage. When structural damage this severe occurs, the only option available is to remove everything, even the adjacent supporting structural beams that once depended on the previous unaffected studs. 

Fire losses are extremely complex, and should always be dealt with high fire damage knowledge and strategy in order to ensure a safe clean-up and restoration process. SERVPRO of Lancaster is your locally owned, and trusted fire damage restoration expert, with experience in both residential and commercial fire damage, we can help alleviate your stress and concerns, ensuring a job well done. 

Our team is ready 24/7 for any emergency fire damage and can arrive on the scene the same day and help your residential home or commercial business, "Like it never even happened".

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Inspection for Fire Damage

1/27/2022 (Permalink)

chemical sponge with soot Chemical sponge detecting invisible soot within a residential home.

After SERVPRO of Lancaster CA received a call about fire damage in a home, our team was sent out to provide a thorough inspection of the damage and its potential spread to other areas.

One of our trained technicians performed a walkthrough within the home and checked for any visual signs in rooms where the fire wasn't directly involved in. After the visual inspections were performed, our technician used state-of-the-art SERVPRO supplies such as this chemical sponge, to detect soot clinging against the walls that would not have been uncovered without this chemical sponge. Without thorough inspections such as these performed by SERVPRO of Lancaster, the harmful effects of inhaling soot particles would have plagued this home if not properly removed. We maximize the potential of all our equipment, to provide the best inspection and never miss a thing.

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Ventilation System Fire

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

Charred metal casing of ventilation output Burned Vent Casing

As ventilation issues rise with the temperatures dropping, when was the last time you had SERVPRO of Lancaster, CA check your ventilation system out for potential fire hazards?

Over time, with the build-up of dust, particles, and other carcinogenic content, and with the addition of high temperatures inside this vent, the likelihood of a ventilation fire is dangerously high if not cleaned and mechanically maintained regularly. Since the heat of these systems runs throughout the house, a potential fire may not just stay in one room, but quickly spread within other areas.

Here at SERVPRO of Lancaster, we can inspect your home or business this autumn and coming winter, and provide professional cleaning for all ducts and vents.

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